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“I suppose it’s easy to read a book in one sitting. I hear this from readers who do. I never do. But I did with this novel. Yes, it’s short but I believe if it had been longer, I would have continued happily on. Loved the structure and love Clare’s depiction of Australia’s outback. Lots of themes running through this book–mothers/daughters, lost love–and also a taboo subject you rarely read about. You’ll have to read the book to find out. Loved it and so happy that Clare will be on my radio show, Writers on Writing, KUCI-FM, on Jan 16, 2019 to talk about it.” Barbara de Marco Barrett https://player.fm/series/writers-on-writing/david-r-gillman-and-janet-clare-with-barbara-demarco-barrett-on-writers-on-writing-kuci-fm


https://theresasmithwrites.com/2018/12/05/behind-the-pen-with-janet-clare/  Today I welcome American author Janet Clare to Behind the Pen. Her debut novel, Time is the Longest Distance, is being released on December 11 by Vine Leaves Press, an Australian small press.



The Australian outback. The pull toward and against dangerous adventure. Janet Clare talks about her extraordinary debut TIME IS THE LONGEST DISTANCE, obsessions, and her appearance at MY local Little City Books on Feb. 6th–and you all have to come!